A rather young and hip brand, Triwa is a Swedish brand which was started by 4 friends with the idea of Transforming the Industry of Watches. This brand of watches which is known for its classic silhouettes and curated materials is all about finding your style and defining one’s identity. Even though Triwa has now expanded its horizon and went from watches to sunglasses, there is one specific watch from Triwa whose charm is heartfelt by people and they love to have it in their collection. From Triwa Nevil collection, ‘The Havana’ is a watch you need to have just because it is one enticing timepiece.

    The Triwa Nevil Havana Brown has a charm of a vintage watch which keeps the aesthetics of 60s and 70s. The re interpreted chronograph watch is one of the classics by the brand. Even the quartz chronograph is also vintage inspired in this watch.
    With the wide array of shades, the design of this watch is quite amazing. The case made of brown acetate which is uniquely used and makes the watch a lightweight product. Also the polished metal bezel, pushers and crown, the 20 mm NATO brown leather strap with strong red tones with Triwa logo on it, makes this watch an fascinating piece to wear and flaunt.
    Another interesting feature of this watch is that this one is unisex and can be worn by men and women and make them look attractive and stylish.
    The Triwa Nevil Havana Brown has a signature feature of silver sunray dial with brown chronograph sub dials. The striking orange second hand with bazel push buttons makes this one irresistible piece of timepiece. The dial feature of this watch has no numerals on it.
    So till now we have established that this watch is a good buy, but what makes it interesting is also its cool packaging. This comes in a beautiful grey box with the splash of orange color and a subtle and simple white logo, the sophistication of this box is utterly charming. The watch is nicely and elegantly placed in the foam case looks like a collectable piece of accessory. And let’s not forget the striking thing neatly placed in a box which says ‘Thank You for buying this watch. The grey manual diary of watch and a small words written Designed in Stockholm…’, this brand makes sure to not to miss the tiniest details to impress.

A rather cool watch, this particular Triwa watch is an amazing casual wear and looks attractive and fashionable. Giving a vintage feel, it’s unique designing and light weightiness makes it a must have for people who do not want much drama on their wrist. Coming at an affordable price, these watches among Triwa watches stand apart and are a good wear, giving you an edge of subtle fashion and chicness.