When wanting to sell a Rolex watch, a lot of information must be provided in order to do so. As well as the celebrities who have owned it, the clothing that it can be worn with can be specified, such as on an internet auction site listing. Here are some of the items of clothing which a Rolex watch can be worn with:

Two-piece suit

A suit can be worn in various situations, such as at a job interview or a formal function. If an expensive suit is worn, a digital watch should be avoided at all costs because it does not create the right impression. One of the most popular luxury watch manufacturers in the world, a Rolex watch can match a two-piece or three-piece suit. If a man doesn’t already own a watch, a Rolex model is an ideal first purchase. Not only can a man wear a suit but also a woman. When a woman wears a suit, a Rolex watch will match it. As many Rolex models have a unisex design, they can even be owned and not necessarily one that’s designed solely for women.

Wet suit

With a strong and durable design, a Rolex watch can be worn in tough conditions, such as underwater. Having designed the first waterproof watch in history, Rolexes now have an Oyster casing. Many Rolexes are also designed for sportsmen and sportswomen. As well as being waterproof, a Rolex watch can also be worn deep underwater. When a diver or a surfer wants to own a Rolex watch that won’t be damaged no matter how long they’re exposed to water, there are many to choose from.


Not only can owning a Rolex watch be very practical because of its sturdy design but it can also be a fashion accessory. When worn with a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, it will be very noticeable because arms are exposed. As each Rolex watch has an iconic design, they cannot be mistaken for what’s made by any other manufacturer. If a pair of shorts is the same colour as a watch’s casing, it will blend in. When many Rolexes are owned, one can be worn that matches a pair of shorts. As Rolexes are waterproof, it can be worn whilst swimming. As soon as a man or a woman is in a swimming pool or the ocean, it won’t be damaged no matter how long it’s exposed to water.

Boat shoes

Rolexes are very popular with yachters and a prime example is the Yacht master. Designed in various colours, a Rolex Yacht master is the ultimate accessory for any sailor. An accurate timepiece, it can match other clothing that a sailor wears than just boat shoes, such as a life jacket or a striped jumper. When a Rolex Yacht master is owned, it can be sold for a lot of money. In fact, when wanting to sell a Rolex watch, its current owner can be paid a high sum for it.