Gone are the days when men’s underwear was ignored by the fashion industry. Today, underwear for men is available in different styles, cuts and patterns. Pouch underwear is one of the innovative new technology underwear. With soft cup in the front, it is gaining a lot of popularity among modern men.

What is the purpose of a pouch in men’s underwear?

  • Comfort and support are the main benefits. Your genitals are supported by the pouch. This keeps you comfortable. You will not feel quashed inside the underwear.
  • Enhancing your manhood – It helps in shaping your genitals and uplifting your asset.
  • Health maintenance – It absorbs your sweat and keeps you dry. This avoids infections.
  • Perfect fit – Pouches are available in various sizes. You can choose the underwear with the right pouch size. This will give enough space.

There are many types of underwear pouches. You should know the various options available to select one that suits you.

  1. Pouches for enhancement

This type enhances your manhood size. It gives you a fuller shape. It could be either lifting pouch or padded pouch. Lifting pouch is based on push up technology and padded pouch is based on reshaping technology. In the lifting pouch, a U-Shaped fabric is at the front. In the padded pouch, soft foam is padded to give a rounded and full shape.

  1. Contour pouches

There is a vertical seam in the middle of the crotch part. This provides extra support and more space.

  1. Anatomic fit pouches

This type is very popular these days because of the comfort. The pouch is cut in such a way it has extra length. This avoids your package from getting squashed. It dangles but does not remain unsupported.

  1. Fly pouches

The biggest advantage of fly pouches is easy access. It can be either a vertical fly pouch or horizontal fly pouch. When you have a vertical fly in the front, the biggest con is risk of slippage. To overcome this disadvantage, horizontal fly pouches were introduced. Fly pouches are the best for little boys because it helps in easy access while urinating.

Each and every type of pouch has its own benefits. Enhancing pouches are the best for shape, contour pouches are the best for comfortable wear, anatomical fit pouches are the best for fit and comfort and fly pouches are the best for easy access. Pouches may be of the same material as the underwear or of different material. There are meshed net pouches, soft foam pouches etc.

If you want more comfort, more style and more fitting underwear, pouches underwear is a good option. Analyze all the options available before selecting the right pouch underwear to suit your needs. Pouches help your package to hang naturally. They keep your package firmly in place. Your genitals will not touch your thighs and cause discomfort. Make sure you buy the best pouch underwear to avoid irritation, discomfort etc.