Most men like to wear snapback caps year round. A baseball cap looks great with all kinds of streetwear, but this year other hats are making it into the mix.

We were surprised at the range of different types of men’s hats we found while researching this article. The designers have been busy and have bought back some old school hat designs and given them a modern twist.


Pharrell Williams made the wide brimmed fedora popular in 2014 and it is still a best seller for 2015. This is an old school hat that has been given a drastic makeover to make sure that it appeals to modern tastes.

Bucket hats

We were surprised to see so many bucket hats. To us, it feels more like a summer hat. Yet they feature a lot in this year’s winter collections.

Bold, well-structured bucket hats seem to be the most popular. Great examples include the Crooks & Castles Substance Bucket Hat and The Hundreds Rose Bucket hat.

Winter 2015 snapback trends

However, the snapback is definitely still the most popular option. Most streetwear designers have mixed things up a bit for winter 2015/16. They are offering far more choice than normal.

Vintage caps

The fact that many streetwear designers have added workwear style clothes to their ranges has made vintage caps popular again. Designs are not as bold as last year’s snapbacks, but they work really well this year’s more muted streetwear scene.

Minimal designs

Another new snapback trend introduced in 2015 is the minimal style cap. It is still a baseball hat, but the cap is tailored to fit the head more closely and has a small brim. Many of them are made from luxury materials like leather and suede, in neutral colours.