Getting married is a milestone in every woman’s life, and this is the one day when you really do need to look your very best. No doubt you have already chosen your wedding gown, yet no matter how well made it is, there are always minor alterations that can be done to make it fit you perfectly, and with an expert dress maker in Solihull, you have the perfect solution.

Affordable Alterations That Make a Difference

Buying a wedding dress is all about getting as close to perfection as you can, and unless the gown is made to measure, there will always be small alterations that would make it a better fit.

Things like:

  • Taking in the waist
  • Adjusting the hem
  • Making the dress fit at the shoulders
  • Sleeve adjustments

Booking a Fitting

Obviously, dress alterations require personal fittings, and the dress maker has many available slots, and also works evenings and weekends, should that prove to be more convenient. It is advisable to book your fitting a few days before the wedding, and don’t forget to bring your shoes, as they seamstress will want you to wear them when she makes the alterations.

Personal Service

The dress maker has only one goal; to make your wedding dress fit perfectly, and she will use her considerable skills to ensure you have a perfect fit for your big day. Such is her wealth of experience that she can always guarantee success.

Talk to your local seamstress today and she what she can do to make your wedding day perfect!