Chiffon Sarees Collection:

Sarees are one of the graceful attires of an Indian woman. Saree today come in lots of varieties ranging from pure silk to the humble cotton or Handloom sarees.  The price range also varies from Very expensive to cheaper ones.  The Indian woman’s saree collection is incomplete without a chiffon saree among the silk sarees etc. the reason being that Chiffon sarees can be worn with grace  by an ageing old woman and the same chiffon saree looks ravishingly beautiful on a blooming young maiden. While talking about chiffon sarees, the name of film maker Yash Chopra comes to mind.  In most of his films, the heroines are draped in elegant chiffon sarees.  The scenes of the various heroines such as Rekha, Sridevi or Kajol dancing to romantic songs with their sarees flowing in the wind have left an indelible mark on the minds of many viewers.  To put it simply, Chiffon sarees have been immortalized by the way they have been portrayed in the Indian Cinema.

Today to suit every woman’s taste, chiffon sarees come in different types of mixed material such as Silk, Cotton or Handloom.  Chiffon sarees are the most economical choice and can suit any occasion be it a formal gathering or an informal one.   Since they are light and soft so they are the ideal attire during the hot and humid seasons.  The reason for lightness in the chiffon saree is because   it is primarily made from synthetic fibers like rayon, nylon, and polyester. It can also be made from silk fabric.  This gives it a shine and glimmer and adds a natural brightness to the saree. An endless collection of Chiffon sarees can be seen online on various websites.  These websites offer the latest designs so that the modern woman is spoilt for choice on what to buy.  Many fashion designers have an exclusive collection of latest party wear chiffon sarees.

Reasons To Buy:

They are light in weight and easy to drape so they are the first preferred choice for a working woman  or a woman in a hurry.  Also the flowing fabric   does not cling to the body so it is the ideal selection for a woman with a wide waist. At the same time, tall and slender women prefer wearing the chiffon saree as it accentuates their curves very gorgeously.

Unlike silk sarees which are high maintenance, Chiffon sarees are easy to maintain.

When paired with a designer blouse, wearing even a simple chiffon saree will make you the center of attraction.

Unlike silk sarees which are very expensive, chiffon sarees are affordable for women of all income groups.

Due to versatility of the Chiffon material, it allows for a variety of design and color fusions. The list is endless in the available designs.

Wash & Care Tips of Chiffon

Since the chiffon saree is thin and light yet durable, some types of chiffon sarees can be washed in a washing machine.  However as with other sarees, in order to increase its life, washing it by hand is always a preferred option.

Sometimes while washing it the first time, it may seem that some colors might run.  However there is no reason to be alarmed as it will not affect overall the saree color.

Do not wring dry the chiffon saree as it may result in permanent wrinkling to the saree.

For first time wash, dry cleaning is a safe option in order to prevent shrinkage or stretching of the chiffon fabric.

For stain removal, apply a little bit of talcum powder on the stain and lightly brush it away after a while. Also vinegar can be used as an alternate option to remove some think and stubborn stains.

Whenever Chiffon sarees are mentioned, the company Garden Vareli deserves an honorable mention as they have flooded the market from times past with attractive, ravishing designs of Chiffon sarees.