How Safe Is Your Toddler Bed For Your Kid?

Toddler Bed

Now that your baby is grown, it’s time to move them from that little crib to a bigger space. In most cases, you’d want to get them something comfortable and sizeable for their first bed. While this is an exciting milestone for every parent, it does bring up some new safety concerns which must be addressed to ensure the toddler is safe in their new sleeping space. You may have followed some guidelines for helping your baby sleep safely when they were still young, but now that they’re older, you’ll have to adapt to totally different guidelines. However, this shouldn’t get you worried since the guidelines aren’t as strict as they used to be, given that your baby is no longer at risk of suffocation.

As you purchase new nursery bedding sets for your grown baby, you should keep the following safety guidelines on your fingertips.

Make Sure The Bed is Sturdy

You wouldn’t want to wake up one morning and find your toddler’s bed collapsed with your child in it. It would be horrific, right? To avoid such occurrences ensure your toddler’s bed is sturdy enough to hold them while they’re asleep. Since the little one is playful, you’d expect them to jump severally on their bed and this loosens the joints of the bed. Therefore, you should check the joints from time to time to ascertain that they’re tightly fixed at all times.

Choose a Bed That’s Low To The Ground

It’s necessary to choose a lower toddler bed to make it easier for your child to climb in and out. Additionally, at this stage, your child is at risk of falling off from their bed, but since the distance from the bed to the floor isn’t that great, chances of injury will be very slim in case they fall off. For added protection, you can place padding along the side and the open end of the bed to cushion falls.

Place The Bed Safely In The Room

Avoid placing your toddler’s bed close windows, heating units, or any other thing that could put their lives in danger. To avoid the risk your child being trapped between the bedside and the wall, place the bed with the headboard rather than its side on the wall. You can also ensure there isn’t any raised surface where they can easily climb on.

Ensure The Bed Has Guardrails On Both Sides

At this stage, your child can easily fall from their bed and the only way to ensure they’re safe is by having guardrails on either side of the bed. The rails should be three quarters the height of your child and should be put on the upper side of the bed. For added protection, ensure the rails aren’t widely spaced so that your child’s parts don’t get trapped.

It’s exciting to get your baby their first bed, and as a parent, you should ensure it’s both comfortable and safe for them. There’s a wide variety of toddler beds as well as king beds for sale online, and, therefore, you should be able to get something good for both of you.