Watches That Are a Gentleman’s Choice


A watch adds elegance and panache to any outfit. No matter what the occasion is, you can tie your entire look together with this simple accessory. Men’s watches have always been the most important item of interest in the world of fashion. With brands reinventing themselves to suit every trend, watches have truly become a collector’s item. Be it a rare, limited edition watch or a practical one that you can use every single day, you will never run out of choices when it comes to men’s watches.

Tissot T Race MOTOGP 2018 Automatic Limited Edition

Price: Rs.87100

Inspired by motorbike racing, this is a masterpiece that is strong in its design and detail. The transparent back on the case is a fine example of intricacy. It is also reminiscent of the wheels of superbikes that are featured in these races. The most iconic feature of this watch is the bezel which resembles the brake disc of the bike. It also adds that splash of bronze that makes the entire black body of the watch stand out. To complete the chunky design of this beauty, the leather straps also feature tread mark-like texture that is common on the wheels of motorbikes.

Raymond Weil Freelancer AC/DC

Price: Rs.1,86,780

The luminescent treatment in this limited edition piece in the Raymond Weil is a tribute to the rock band, AC/D. If you are an ardent rock music lover, this is a must have piece in your collection. The complete black exterior, the silver bezel and the studded indexes give you the personality of a true rockstar. The dial features a texture that imitates the graphics of the signature high voltage bolt of AC/DC. This piece, like every other watch in the freelancer collection celebrates the free spirit in every man and beautifully blends modest and classic elements to create a totally unique design.

Junghans Meister Driver Chronoscope

Price: Rs.1,85,900

The chronograph of the Junghans Meister Driver Chronoscope watch is inspired by classic cars. Just like these automobiles, these watches combine elegant vintage design with flawless functionality. As sporty as it is in its appeal, this watch is also extremely sophisticated and mature. It is manly, not brazenly macho. It is simple, yet displays immaculate craftsmanship. The earthy colors and textures of this watch make it one of the most versatile pieces in the Junghans Meister collection. The silver gold detail on the bezel is aesthetically placed to match the brown leather straps and the elegant beige dial. Every element in the design of this watch seems to be in complete harmony with the other, making it a very pleasant sight.

Movado Bold

Price: Rs.67,575

The Movado Bold collection takes minimalism to a whole new level with its contemporary pieces available in a multitude of color options. This piece is made with a large 42mm black dial that adorns the wrist perfectly. The steely blue bezel and metal strap feature the tone on tone design that is common to most watches in this collection. It also features a sun dot that matches the blue tone of the watch. To break the monotony of the color scheme, the dial comes in the perfect dark black color that adds depth and boldness to the design.

Meistersinger Classic Plus

Price: Rs.1,80,400

For a man who craves for adventure, this watch is the perfect companion. It almost reminds you of a precious relic uncovered in an Indiana Jones movie. The most striking feature of this watch is the texture on the strap. It has a very subtle, wood-like texture that is completed with a thread detail just where it meets the large dial of the watch. The dial is a classic black, large one which is laid out very neatly. The single, large minute needle and an arrow-like hour needle makes the watch look like a compass almost. The open rear design lets you watch the smooth automatic movement with every tick on the watch.

H.Moseir and Cie. Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept

Price Rs.31,90,000

This timeless piece is just what every sky gazer needs. A beautiful tribute to the moon and its movements this watch captures the mysteries of the lunar body beautifully. It is completely contemporary in its design with no markings or detailing on the dial except the last moon phase dial which is functionally among the most precise ones known today. What truly catches the eye is the galaxy themed dial that is perfectly textured to look like you have a million stars shining right atop your wrist. Holding the elements of the design together is the simple leather strap that is gently textured and comes with a threading detail along the edges. The finishing touch is added by the gold bezels and needles that simple pop against the dark dial of the watch.