How Long Do J Brand Jeans Last

How Long Do J Brand Jeans Last

Jeans is considered the most comfortable wear for both men and woman. It can be assumed that most number of people has huge collection of jeans in their wardrobe. Nowadays people are a little brand conscious especially when buying jeans. According to fashion designers, the only wear that highly needs to be branded is Jeans and in the world of brands J Brand is the most popular brand for all jeans lovers. Now an important question arises here that is do a jeans from the brand J last long? Let’s find out

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Longevity of a J brand Jeans

It’s kind of impossible to tell the exact years of lasting J brand jeans but according to the reviews of the buyers’ it can be said that it will last approximately 5-10 years. But at the same time the longevity somehow depends on the hand of users. If properly maintained it can last even more than 10 years. Yes that could be really possible if you follow some simple methods such as

  • Use cold water while washing your jeans to keep the colour of your favourite jeans the same as before.
  • Dry cleaning would be best to prevent any kind of fading
  • It’s highly advised that whenever possible let your jeans to by dry in natural air
  • Do not use any dryer often. A dryer can directly damage the fabric of the jeans and can make it look faded
  • Don’t wash your jeans unnecessarily. Washing powder that contains bleach is very dangerous for jeans.
  • It’s recommended that one should wash their jeans after at least 4 to 5 times of wearing.
  • Brushing off your jeans would be a great way to clean your jeans without letting it be damaged. Also don’t use the brush harshly, a gentle brushing would be ideal to clean your jeans
  • Don’t wear your jeans harshly even when you are running out of time. Please be gentle with your jeans. Do not stretch or rip your jeans often to prevent unexpected damage.
  • Please try to remember the fact that jeans are not a suitable outfit for doing yoga or exercise. Try to avoid wearing your favourite jeans while you are doing yoga.

So after a long discussion we can easily conclude that J Brand jeans are the most long lasting jeans ever that you can wear even more than 10 years. But you should consider the above mentioned points to keep your jeans alive and new like before.