Explaining thermal clothing before you browse thermal wear for men and women

browse thermal wear for men and women

Whenever the summer comes around, most of us can’t wait for it to end. The heat is beyond bad and everyone spends their afternoons wishing for winter arrives. When winter does arrive, everyone spends their afternoons wishing for summer! It’s a funny paradox, isn’t it? Humans do their best to adapt to changing climate using air-conditioning, umbrellas, and even clothing. If you live in a region where the winter is synonymous with bone biting cold, then you’ll need to find thermal wear for men and women.

What exactly is thermal wear?

All of us know that woolen clothing is normally worn for the winter. This is because wool clothing has more space for air to flow and is thicker and thus makes you warm. However there’s a new more effective way to combat the chills of the winter, thermal clothing uses two layers, with one being wool and the other being an artificially synthesized fiber. Alternatively, both layers are made of wool or both are made of artificial fiber.

Working of thermal clothing:

The word thermal itself means heat as I’m sure you’ve all heard of in high school science. Thermal clothing works based on the theory of insulation. As mentioned earlier there are two layers in Thermal clothing, one layer is known as the insulating layer. This original material absorbs only the minimum amount of air required.  To put it simply, an article of thermal clothing absorbs heat from your own body and used your body heat to keep you warm. Generally during winter, your body heat is absorbed by the cold air outside, thus making you feel cold. With thermal clothing absorbing your heat instead, this effect is negated. Cool right?

During its inception, thermal wear started primarily as an inner garment. So they weren’t designed to have fancy features or anything else. As time and technology progressed, however, the architecture of thermal clothing also evolved. Generally, the material used in manufacturing is either cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester. Wool is also a material that is common in the manufacturing of thermal clothing in European countries. The fabric texture used is box weave which refers to threads woven in the form of square-shaped boxes. Flannel is another fabric that is used to give a soft feel to the thermal clothing.

Is it necessary to have thermal wear?

Yes and no. For one, you should be getting on just fine without wearing thermal clothing. For most countries, woolen clothing should suffice. However, if you are going to a country with extreme cold, say in the minus degrees then yes, thermal clothing is essential. You can easily find thermals for women online as well as men because there are plenty of websites selling thermal products these days.

Bottom line is, thermal clothing is the new kid in town. It’s been making headlines for all the right reasons. It’s soft, comfortable, and does its job perfectly fine.  So if you want a more comfortable winter, you should go for thermal clothing.