Learn How To Walk In Heels Like A Pro

Walk In Heels

Do you own a classy pair of heels, but you do not know how to walk in them? If that is you, you are in the right place. Truth be told, not everyone knows how to walk in heels, and that’s okay. Often, many people get to learn how to walk in heels as it does not come naturally to them.

There is nothing as embarrassing as wearing very classy heels, and you do not know how to walk in them. For one, you will look confused and secondly, it may ruin your whole look, and you won’t be doing justice to the heels. So, how can you ace walking in heels? Here are a few tricks.

  1. Get the right pair of shoes

First things first, you need to get the right pair of heels. As a rookie, you cannot expect to walk in 6 or more inch heels properly for the first time. If you are a beginner, you can try out wedges, kitten heels or chunky heels. This way, you can learn to get your balance slowly then upgrade to taller heels. And did you know that there are women’s shoes with removable heels? Well, thanks to innovation that today you can have a heel and flats all in one. When you feel tired walking in heels, you can simply remove the heel, and it becomes a flat cute pair of shoes.

  1. Take small steps

Another trick for walking well in heels is to take smaller steps. Heels make your strides a bit shorter. Therefore, to walk well, you will need to take small steps. Take your sweet time while walking; besides, the heels are beautiful and worth a look from people nearby. This, in turn, makes you look well collected, confident and like a pro.

  1. Heel to toe

One of the biggest mistakes that most armatures make is to place the foot down all at once. This can put you off balance very fast and make it so evident that you are a beginner.

If you want to look like a natural, you need to learn how to put your foot down from heel to toe. This way, you will have a good balance and also maintain a good posture while walking.

  1. Avoid looking at your feet

As a beginner, you may feel the urge to keep looking at your feet while taking the steps. However, avoid the urge as much as possible as it makes you look like you are not confident at all. Instead, hold your head high and look forward as you walk. Also, when walking, imagine that you are walking in a straight line. That is, you place your foot in front of the other one while taking the steps.

Walking in heels is not magic; you just need to learn the tricks mentioned above, and you will be good to go. One last thing, practice makes perfect. You can walk around your house in your heels to master how to properly walk in them.