Top Tips On Sun Skincare

Sun Skincare

May we all enjoy the warmness of sunlight during the entire winter but what about the summer? The warmness that we seek in winter becomes a threat to our comfort in summer. If you look at the calendar, summer is not so far. Rather it’s knocking at your door. So are you prepared to give your skin a total sun protection? More or less we all know what sun rays do to our skin. So yes a special sun skin care is needed to fight this summer season. Here we are sharing some tips on sun skincare that will keep your skin fresh and glowing even in summer:-

Be friends with sunscreen- This may you only do for summer. But remember,It’s important to apply sunscreen not only in summer but for the entire year. Apply a sunscreen that has a minimum SPF 30. Before purchasing a sunscreen don’t ever forget to read the labels. Check whether the term “broad Spectrum” has been mentioned on the label or not. People who have the issue of over-sweating should reapply sunscreen lotion for every 3 hours.

Spa breaks are essential- Sometimes sunscreen lotions are not enough. To fight with stubborn sunburn you need something more permanent, more effective. Going for spa breaks Scotland without a second thought. These spa breaks offer deep nourishment to your skin that your skin really needs in this summer. Also such breaks include anti-tan treatments that rejuvenate your skin and give a permanent shine. We all know what sun does to our skin. So it’s better to take some initiative to provide long-term protection to your skin this summer.

Set a goal to drink more water- This should be added to your sun skincare routine. The hydration part of your body has a major contribution in keeping your skin healthy even after a long sun-exposure. All day sun-exposure could make your skin look dull and tanned. In such condition water could become a saviour. So, practice drinking more water right away. Set a goal and follow it every day.

Cleaning is super important- No matter how tired you feel, no matter how much late it is you shouldn’t ever skip cleansing your skin. Most sunscreen lotion claims to be oil-free but it’s a myth. While going out wearing sunscreen our skin often absorbs dirt which results skin inflammation and acne problems. So it’s better to clean your skin to remove all impurities and toxicity that our skin develops through heavy sun-exposure.

Let Aloe-Vera to soothe your skin- There is no alternative to natural ingredients like Aloe-Vera extracts when it comes to skincare. The sunburn your skin gets from all-day sun exposure could be treated through Aloe-Vera. It gives an instant cooling effect that your skin can feel. To find out more about the natural ingredients that shield the skin from the sun visit this website:

Hope now you feel prepared. So why wait? Book your spa appointment, buy some good sunscreen lotions and pamper yourself like never before.