Main reasons for hair fall in men

hair fall in men

Do you classify yourself in the group who is prone to massive hair fall problems? Do you pay considerable attention to your state of your hair? A general notion is that hair and its beauty is related to the women folk but trust me when strands of hair fall then it calls for alarm bells. The main reason for hair fall in men is due to dandruff and the use of keto dandruff shampoo for hair loss might be an apt remedy. But trust me if you are experiencing problems with hair fall this is not something that you can prolong to continue. You need to figure out the reason for hair loss and how to prevent its occurrence.

The main reasons for hair loss should be found out and solutions to rectify the same. Just imagine a situation when you happen to be bald in your early 20’s or 30 s as it takes a considerable impact on the levels of your self -confidence. So in case if you are experiencing issues with hair falls, there is no reason to panic as there is a way out if you are aware of the root cause of the problem. Though a lot of reasons can be attributed to hair loss, but the prominent among them go on to include

Surgery or any type of illness

Suppose if you had any surgery in the recent past and on the phase of recovery then hair loss is common. A lot of people have gone on to witness a major loss of hair right after a surgery has occurred. The hair loss can be extensive or it can be a reaction to a particular event. There is no cause of panic as you have to take note of the fact that a particular event made you land in such a situation. This is not a permanent solution and the sooner you recover things would be on track.


Stress is one of the silent killers of modern times. In case if you are facing a lot of professional problems then stress can be a cause of hair loss. Stick to the use of Ketomac shampoo if you feel that the stress levels are touching new heights. Certainly you might not be taking things seriously but physical along with emotional changes can cause a major impact on your hair loss. But still you can consider yourself to be part of a lucky group as the cause of hair loss is not that permanent. This seems to be a temporary phase that is expected to be over anytime soon.

Random causes

If you are facing fungal infections then you could become a victim of hair loss. If the loss of hair is at a rampant pace, then it can point to diseases like diabetes or lupus. The genetics has a role as far as hair loss is concerned.

A sign of relief is provided if you are able to pinpoint the reasons for hair loss and take remedial measures at your end.

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