Why You Should Choose A Gel Nail Polish?

Gel Nail Polish

Nail polish lovers must be very happy to know that nail polish, nail products, and services are increasing each year drastically. This opens up many opportunities for them to try a variety of nail polishes, but they should not be optimistic about traditional nail polishes. The market is filled with fake nail polishes, such as acrylic polishes, so choosing the right nail polish is difficult, especially if you are new at this stage. But aspiring nail artists have their eyes on only one product, gel nail polish, which,, in their view, is far better than traditional nail polish. Want to know why you should also pick a gel nail polish over a traditional nail polish, then this content is for you.

What is the difference between Traditional and Gel Nail Polishes?

Traditional nail polishes have always been suitable for natural nails, and yes, it takes a lot of time to dry, but it does the job. Traditional nail polishes are even a necessity for the girls at the middle school and a perfect pick to complete a woman’s outfit. But times have changed and it shaped how shaped how women elevate their appearance. To keep up with the hurried pace of today’s life, wise women have already chosen gel nail polish over traditional. Gel nail polishes have become the main products of salons, which may force you to think, why?

Dry Faster Than Traditional Polishes

Gel paint is thicker than ordinary nail paint. The primary characteristic that sets it apart from a traditional manicure is that the best gel nail polish does not dry spontaneously, so part of the curing application procedure is necessary. Curing activates the chemical reaction that dries each coat of nail polish by placing your nails under LED lighting or UV light. You can leave the appointment or at-home application immediately so that the nail has time to dry completely because gel nail applications have more time to restore nail polish.

Does Not Break off Easily

Drying faster is not the main feature of the gel nail polish, but its durable formula makes it unique. Because of this, gel paints do not break off like traditional nail paints. Furthermore, the manicure is also very tough, so it does not peel off, and the colors will be bright and shiny all day.   

It Stays For a Long Time

Regular nail paint does not chip after a week, but oyafun nail polish lasts at least two to three weeks. When applied lightly, gel polish extends the life of your nails by at least two times; in fact, it can extend their lifespan by up to six times.

Does Not Produce Fragments

Unlike regular polish, gel nail polish will not leave debris concerning residual wear and will not stain if used correctly. Throughout the removal process, it becomes clear just how strong this kind of nail polish is and that you need to take great care to remove the peel-off nail polish before applying a new coat.

Gel polish does have one disadvantage, though it is extremely difficult to remove. You may even discover that you need to return to the salon to have the gel polish removed. It is necessary to soak off the polish. Additionally, you should apply sunscreen to shield your hands from any potential UV light harm if you frequently receive gel manicures.